Play . Learn . Explore


At 974 Kids we design through the eyes of the child, making sure every need is met first. We create beautifully prepared spaces for children during their most sensitive period of development. All families will have access to high quality learning through in Montessori home environments. And we believe in Growth mind set which helps in children’s intelligence and abilities that can be improved with effort, determination, practice, and the right strategies.

One of the greatest benefits of the Montessori Method, particularly during the early learning experience, is the focus on hands-on learning.
Bringing the Montessori Method into your home is an amazing way of meeting your child’s developmental needs.


Setting goals for each child is helpful as you set up environment and plan learning experiences.

Love & Learn

We are curious, humble and playful ,making every experiment a new venture of learning with collaboration through environment. Creating a safe, nurturing, challenging, stimulating, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environment.


We share an unwavering commitment to make a lasting, positive impact in the lives of children and families.

Joyful Community

We create inclusive spaces in which every person is celebrated, valued, connected and encouraged to flourish.

Teamwork empowerment

We embrace our diversity and work together with mutual reverence in order to grow as individuals and serve our greater purpose.


Montessorian. Creator. Coach. Mother