974Kids Montessori Environment

A Montessori environment for very young children gives the freedom to safely explore and learn through discovery. The setting is calm, inviting, and homelike, with wooden furniture’s, a rocking chair, books arrayed on low shelves and toys in baskets. Colors are muted, the atmosphere peaceful. The space is organized, clean, and uncluttered.


Set up our home

To start using Montessori at home, we can set up our home to make the home more accessible and inviting to our child.

Child-sized furniture and tools

Look for table and chairs where your child’s feet sit flat on the ground.

Set things up for the child to be independent

Make things accessible for the child and have cleaning things at the ready for them to use, and use trays and baskets to arrange activities so they can manage by themselves.

Less is more

Have fewer well-selected activities and remove clutter; put in a box anything they aren’t playing with anymore and store it.

Store and rotate

Store most of the activities. leave out just a few favorites, and we can change them when our child loses interest.

Ready to get your project started? Alright! Let’s do this!

Select your design package.

Design Consultation on Montessori


974 Starter Pack.

Please Note: The 974 Starter pack is a mandatory pack before you choose any other packages, as these are the milestones in achieving the Montessori environment.

974 Kids Starter Pack Will include:

  • The Montessori Shelf
  • Montessori Chair & Table Set
  • 12 Montessori Toys
  • The Indoor Plants
  • Starter session about Montessori guidelines


974 Starter Pack + The 974 Trio Package (Valid for 3 Months)

We will provide the Rotation of Material exclusive for 3 months which include:

  • 6 Toys for each Month.
  • Each Month – Training session for the parents as well as for care takers & nannies.
  • Each Month Bonus 2 Montessori lesson plans.

Note: If you require more lesson plans, it will be always available in our website.