June 15, 2020


Writing (like many things) takes practice. Finding the right writing activities can make that practice so much fun, your kids won’t mind it one bit!

Writing activities for toddlers are all about getting those finger muscles in shape. Preschoolers are starting to learn letters, understand how to hold a pencil and even write some words.

Writing Activities for Toddlers
• Sensory Writing – getting used to holding a pencil or make marking with their finger is the first step to writing.
• Ripping Magazines — Get those little fingers working and make a mess at the same time!
• Play dough — Play dough is a great way to strengthen finger muscles.
• Car Track Painting — Help little ones start to understand the motion of writing left to right by drawing a race track and having them roll the car from the left side to the right side of the paper.
• Sidewalk Chalk on Unusual Surface — Offer writing and marking activities outside by having sidewalk chalk available all the time.

Writing Activities for Preschoolers
• Grocery Shopping List — You have to shop, there’s no way around it. Let your kids help by making the list. Use ads with pictures and words to help them write out what you need to buy
Creating Comics with Kids — Nurture Store sets up an invitation to draw by creating a comic strip and leaving most of it blank.